Our Mission

Creating unforgettable moments for your events, just as special and unique as you!

Pocketxtra is an avant-garde application meticulously designed to help events run smoothly by organizing and improving how staff are managed.

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What we do

Dynamic platform designed to facilitate efficient management of event industry workforce, while also offering individuals the opportunity to supplement their income.

Our Product

Pocketxtra is an app based solution to manage workforce in the Event Industry
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What problems we solving?


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  • Experienced Resources: Quality assurance benefits from the refined skills of experienced professionals, ensuring a higher standard of deliverables and contributing to the overall excellence of projects.
  • Professional Conduct: Essential etiquette, behavioral norms, and proficient communication skills.
  • Reliability Concerns: Overcoming last-minute cancellations and skill shortages requires planning, standby resources, and flexible solutions for success.
  • Coordination Hurdles: Communication gaps between coordinators can cause difficulties, needing persistent follow-ups. Clear updates, timelines, and feedback help.
  • Operational and Ethical Issues: Dealing with theft, discipline, role clarity, payment protocols, disputes, and social media issues comprehensively is crucial.
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Contributer/ Agency

  • Expertise and Experience: Having experienced professionals is crucial for project success. They bring valuable insights, practical knowledge, and navigate challenges efficiently, enhancing work quality.
  • Professionalism: Being professional means more than just old-fashioned manners and good communication; it's also about ethics and a strong work ethic.
  • Backup Challenges: Last-minute promoter cancellations create big challenges, especially in events. Frequent cancellations can harm organizers' reputation, leading to pressure and less favorable terms.
  • Attendance Management: Attendance management is vital for tracking people's presence, absence, and work hours, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and productivity in workplaces and events.
  • Operational Integrity: To handle issues like theft, discipline, and duty adherence, use a mix of security measures, training, clear rules, and monitoring.
  • Financial Transparency: To solve payment issues with promoters, use clear communication and online transactions to prevent delays, maintaining a positive relationship.
  • Accountability Measures: Setting rules and consequences in organizations boosts responsibility and transparency, leading to efficiency, growth, and integrity in the workplace.

What we don´t know

What are the Challenges in the current Event Industry?

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Promotor/ Individual

  • Lack of Recognition: Having experienced professionals with relevant field expertise is crucial for project success, offering valuable insights and efficient issue resolution.
  • Professional Development:Prioritizing professionalism means valuing timeliness, ethics, and communication, contributing to efficient projects and positive work environments.
  • Choice and Autonomy: Last-minute promoter cancellations create big problems for event planners, hurting their reputation and making negotiations with replacements harder.
  • Role Clarity: Keeping track of who's present, absent, and working hours—whether at work or events—is crucial for efficiency, compliance, and productivity.
  • Operational and Financial Concerns:To handle issues like theft, discipline, and duty adherence, use multiple strategies: strong security, ethics training, clear policies, and performance monitoring.

Our approches to address these challenges:

  • Empowering Contributors with Enthusiastic Teams:

    Empowering contributors with dedicated and enthusiastic team members, increasing opportunities for collaboration and engagement.

  • Establishing Credible Organizers Nationwide:

    Establishing a network of verified organizers across India to ensure reliability and trustworthiness in event management.

  • Introducing PX123 as a default contributor identifier to simplify crew listing for events without assigned contributors.

  • Enhanced Nomination and Attendance Procedures:

    Implementing an advanced Nomination and Attendance process to efficiently manage crew participation and logistics during events.

  • Comprehensive Event Reporting:

    Providing comprehensive report generation capabilities to offer insights and analysis on all event activities.

Why Choose us

🛡️ Data Security

Ensuring the security of event-related data is paramount in event management. Such a platform employs advanced encryption and authentication methods to protect data. Encryption protocols are in place to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Verified Contributers and Crews

Trustworthy coordinators and crews are fundamental for event success Verified backgrounds and qualifications enhance reliability. Organizers can make informed decisions with verified team information.

Time Efficiency

Event organizers face tight schedules and numerous tasks Automated messages and notifications for seamless communication The planning process becomes more efficient and optimized

📉 Cost-Effectiveness

Organizers are budget-conscious and seek economical solutions Clear and transparent pricing structures for better financial planning Ability to customize services according to specific event needs.

🎯 Reliability

Ensures smooth functioning during event planning and execution phases. Can adapt to a wide range of event management scenarios. Allows customization to cater to different event types, sizes, and requirements

👥 Community and Networking

Organizers connect with experienced professionals Share insights and access valuable resources. Beneficial for learning from industry peers


👤 Rashmi

"This app has been a lifesaver! With just one tap, we can handle everything for our event and even get a report afterward. Amazing!"

👤 Kunal

"This app has been incredibly helpful for me! As a student, volunteering at events in my spare time not only lets me earn extra cash but also gain valuable experience. I can't say enough good things about this app—everything from its features to the staff members is just fantastic. Come join me on the app and start earning extra too!"

👤 Samit Tandon

"Managing events has never been easier! You can rate crew members, share feedback, remove crew, receive reports, share events, and get notifications. The events industry is vast but now, it's also manageable!"

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